Greensboro Bible Institute

About the Greensboro Bible Institute (GBI)

The Greensboro Bible Institute, since September 24, 1967, has been training men and women in the truths of God’s Word as a testimony of the burden of the late Dr. J. William Kanoy. Education and exaltation were always the trademarks of the ministry of Dr. Kanoy, the founder of the Greensboro Bible Institute, and pastor of Church Street Baptist Church for 28 years. Dr. Kanoy felt a real need among the older men of the community who had been called to preach and were not able to attend a Bible college full time as they had to work to support their families. Therefore, the Greensboro Bible Institute was formed. Its first graduating class was in 1972.

God has tremendously blessed our school, which is evidenced by the ever-increasing demand for our graduates. Presently, graduates of our school are pastoring churches in many states and foreign organizations, and still others are supporting their local churches in diverse positions.  Several churches have been established around the world as a result of our graduates. However, the greatest blessing is the countless number of souls being reached by GBI graduates with the Gospel and spiritually helped for the glory of God.

We praise the Lord for His gracious blessings on the Institute, and feel these are a result of :

GBI may be the place where God would have you train to serve Him. We are thankful for the Lord’s blessings, and with His aid, we are determined to “keep on, keeping on” until Christ returns.


The mission and purpose of the Institute is to assist in training ministers, Christian workers, and laymen in the Word of God. The goal is to provide graduates that have a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of the doctrines of the Christian faith, making them well suited for the work of the Gospel.